Claims Management

Claims can arise at any time during a construction project whenever expectations fail to meet reality. Claims and their settlements can be costly, slow and can strain otherwise strong business relationships—but they don’t have to. Differentiated Analytics Inc. works with project owners, contractors, adjusters and lawyers to analyse project documents, plans, contracts, schedules, reports and all other relevant project data to quickly resolve claims with accurate numbers and the best possible value.

We have extensive experience assessing and building support for claims in the construction industry. We complement traditional claims analysis with modern statistical and automation techniques that speed up the analysis process. For example, we have developed our own unique high-performance search application for document discovery. This system has allowed us to search through more than 15 GB of emails, meeting minutes, reports and other relevant files in order to identify key documents in defense of construction claims. Our modern techniques examine a wider range of material and what-if scenarios than traditional methods, and as a result generate more robust documentation and conclusions that are that much harder to dispute.

We work with clients presented with claims and with clients presenting claims. In all cases, our thorough and efficient construction claims management services defend or avoid irrelevant claims, analyse and provide solutions to legitimate claims, and push forward the claims you’re entitled to. We are comfortable handling the entire claims process so you can move on to your next exciting endeavour.

Our claims management services include:

  • Claims preparation and rebuttal
  • Document discovery and review
  • Cumulative change impact analysis
  • Schedule delay analysis
  • Productivity impact
  • Disruption/acceleration assessment

You can contact us at any point during a construction claim, though we recommend you do so as soon as you notice discrepancies between the expectations and reality of your projects. Find out how our modern, data-driven claims management approach can ensure your success.

Differentiated Analytics Inc. has experience and capabilities that count. Contact us if you’re serious about managing a successful project.

Project Controls

As construction projects increase in scale and complexity they become more vulnerable to a variety of risks and delays that can significantly affect their productivity. But the use of project controls can help all project stakeholders increase both their productivity and profitability.