CanU Canada (Data Analysis)

We are currently working with CanU Canada to develop its data strategy in areas including: data collection, survey design and information security. Our current focus is providing data management advice to a team of college students developing a customer relationship management (CRM) system that best suits CanU's unique requirements. We have also performed exploratory data analysis of existing data to identify opportunities to improve participation and stakeholder communication.


XLTSearch (Construction Claims Analysis)

XLTSearch is a high-performance desktop search application written by our Principal, Evan Thompson. It is designed to be a fast, portable and configurable information retrieval system that supports many of the file formats typically found in a corporate office environment. Evan has used XLTSearch in construction claims analysis to search through and identify key documents from a 15GB collection of documents consisting predominantly of MS Outlook emails (.pst and .msg files), Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PDFs (including scanned PDFs).


Commercial Project Management

Prior to starting Differentiated Analytics Inc., Evan worked for an electric utility leading commercial, contract and claims management activities for two major infrastructure projects. This work included project delivery strategy development, risk management, RFP/contract preparation & negotiation, contract change management, and project reporting/dashboard development. Evan also implemented systems to centralize contract information and automatically notify contract administrators when insurance, securities or the contracts themselves were approaching expiry.