We have extensive experience in project controls, commercial project management and claims analysis with a background in professional engineering and management accounting. We complement traditional analysis methods with modern statistical and automation techniques to provide you a data-driven view of your project with thorough and efficient data collection, faster turnaround times and verifiable results. We’re proud to say that automation has allowed us to handle projects with values of up to $5 billion without difficulty and come out of those projects with positive feedback from satisfied clients.

When it comes down to it, we love solving problems. We take great pride in our ability to transform any amount of supporting data, large or small, into relevant figures and then help you use that information to manage your projects and claims as successfully as possible.

Find out how our modern, data-driven systems can ensure your project’s success.

Our Services

Project Controls

As construction projects increase in scale and complexity they become more vulnerable to a variety of risks and delays that can significantly affect their productivity. But the use of project controls can help all project stakeholders increase both their productivity and profitability.

Claims Management

Claims can arise at any time during a construction project whenever expectations fail to meet reality. Claims and their settlements can be costly, slow and can strain otherwise strong business relationships—but they don’t have to.