About us

We are a Canadian data science consulting firm focused on enabling our clients to answer questions with data. We offer both consulting and technical services for the entire data science pipeline: from data collection, transformation and storage; through data mining, analysis and modelling; to data visualization, communication and deployment.


Our team

Evan A. Thompson

Evan is a professional engineer and management accountant with strong technical, analytic and problem solving skills. He completed an intensive, self-directed course of study in data science and has applied data science tools and techniques to project controls, risk management and construction claims analysis. He is familiar with database and big data tools (SQL, Hadoop, Spark, Storm), data analysis tools (R, SciPy, Octave), and both web and desktop application development (Python, Java). With this combination of skills, Evan is able to develop and communicate appropriate, turn-key models and systems that can guide strategy development and improve operations.