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Through Proactive, Data-Driven Project Planning, Monitoring and Control Ensure Project Success

Differentiated Analytics Inc. is a Canadian-based project controls and construction claims management firm that offers consulting and technical services to project stakeholders across Canada including project owners, developers, contractors, adjusters and lawyers. Our proactive, data-driven approach will ensure the success of your projects.

We are able to offer advice on specific issues or provide long-term project management support. Our project controls services allow you to thoroughly understand and monitor current project performance, predict project outcomes and prevent or mitigate risks. Our claims management services can help you present or defend a strong case for construction claims that arise at all stages of the project. We collect, analyse and interpret project data from a variety of internal and external sources to ensure you finish your project with the best possible outcome.

Our experience with major construction projects combined with our background in data science and statistical analysis means we can apply industry-leading, automated and verifiable methods to all of our services, which allows you to achieve your goals quickly and cost effectively.

Serious about managing a successful project?

Our Services

Project Controls

As construction projects increase in scale and complexity they become more vulnerable to a variety of risks and delays that can significantly affect their productivity. But the use of project controls can help all project stakeholders increase both their productivity and profitability.

Claims Management

Claims can arise at any time during a construction project whenever expectations fail to meet reality. Claims and their settlements can be costly, slow and can strain otherwise strong business relationships—but they don’t have to.

Industry Expertise

Differentiated Analytics Inc. provides consulting and technical services on medium- and large-scale industrial, commercial and institutional (ICI) construction, residential development and heavy civil/linear infrastructure projects.

Contractors, Developers and Owners

We work on medium- to large-scale construction projects ranging anywhere from $1 million to $5 billion (or more) in value, and provide vital project management support services during all project phases. During the design and planning phase we set up systems that monitor performance and can immediately identify when a project is falling behind.

Insurance and Legal Services

We work with the insurance and legal sectors on construction claims. We recommend that adjusters and lawyers contact us as soon as they find themselves representing a client on either side of a construction claim.

Contact Us

We provide services to a wide range of professionals in the construction industry and fully understand that every project is different and complex. The best way to get a sense of how we can assist you is to contact us directly with information on your current project. Call today.

Project Feedback

“the project is well managed … and the potential for cost over-runs is low”

“contracting strategies are commercially astute, allocating risk appropriately between the parties”

“[the agreement] meets exceptional commercial business practice and protects [the owner’s] interest”